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LC 214 / DIG 201

Digital Humanities Lab

In this lab, we will explore the digital dimensions of literary texts. Our time together will provide us an opportunity to experiment with digital tools with the aim of seeking new meaning and discerning new patterns in literature. All along, we will contemplate how the use of computational tools changes the nature of our work as readers and critics of literature.


W1.      1.17 | What is DH Lab?

W2.      1.24 | Text | Document       | AM et al “Humanities to digital Humanities”

W3.      1.31 | Data | Networks         | JD “Image, Interpretation, Interface”

W4.      2.7    | Networks                    | FM “Patterns & Interpretation”

W5.      2.14 | Maps                             | JG “What is the Spatial Turn”

W6.      2.21 | Maps                             | SM “Deep Mapping the Media City”

W7.      2.28 | Text Encoding            | JM “Marking Texts of Many Dimensions”

W8.      3.14 | Text Analysis              | Selections from Digital Critical Editions, DA et al eds.

W9.      3.21 | Visualizations              | JD “Interpreting Visualization :: Visualizing Interpretation”

W10.    4.4 –

W14.    5.2    | Final Project Workshops

Each week we will:

  • generate questions about literary texts
  • explore and expand on these questions with the tools available
  • report what we learn about the text, tool, and our process

As we experiment, we will do our best to consider these vital questions: Can machines expand our horizon of interpretation? Or is digital technology fundamentally reductive as an analytical vehicle?

Work for the Course:

Most class sessions will feature “hands-on” activities and discussion. Our improvisational approach in class will be grounded in a series of tasks you will complete in advance. Before each class, you will complete readings and tutorials in preparation for our lab meetings. At the end of each lab, you will write short summaries of your work, discoveries, challenges, and look ahead to the next set of ideas.

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