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Use of the word monster vs. vampire

Upon realizing a strong correlation between the terms used to describe Dracula, specifically in attempting to categorize him, there is a difference in which terms the characters use. This is especially intriguing for analyzing modernity in this piece and how the language and categorization might be used to analyze the ...
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Keywords of Dracula

  After experimenting with the many different types of graphs and strings of data, I wanted to see which keywords appeared the most in certain dates from the text. I thought it was interesting that October 3rd and September 29th had a high volume of these keywords present. Although it ...
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Speakers and Recievers in Dracula

During my reading of Dracula, I took notice of how many times the female narrators spoke to each other, or to themselves. As seen above, Mina had much more access to the "men's" world - she wrote various letters, journals, and telegrams to both Lucy, and men of the novel. Lucy, ...
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The Word “Voluptuous” in Dracula

My paper was centered around the idea of feminine sexuality as a threat to Victorian English values. I talked about the word "voluptuous" and how this contributes to that idea. Whenever the word was used, the men in the novel were briefly inferior and the women vampires were directly challenging ...
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