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Podcast: Zamyatin’s We

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Algorithms: A Deeper Dive

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Podcast prompt

Upon learning about One State and its rise, could you see our civilization eventually falling into a similar or even the same type of extreme totalitarianism. With the huge boom in technology over the recent years and the continued strides in advancements that show no sign of slowing, does this push us closer to living …

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Podcast Question

At the beginning of the novel, D-503 lives his life according to the Table and the rules of One State, he is efficient and feels he has a purpose. As soon as he comes into contact with I-330 his efficiency begins to break down.  D-503 says, “The woman had a disagreeable effect upon me, like an irrational component …

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Podcast Question: Imagine We?

This past week we discussed the society of the One Nation in Yevgeny Zamyatin’s dystopian novel We. Imagine for a minute that it was you living in this world, living with such efficiency and such a planned purpose that nothing can ultimately go wrong. Thinking about Taylorism and sacrificing freedom for efficiency, would you want to …

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Maddy & Anna on HOD

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Heart of Darkness Blog Question; What Does “the Other” Reveal about Europe?

In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Conrad explores British and Belgian imperialism in Africa through Marlow’s narrative of his exploration. The treatment of the “other” in the novel often frightens the contemporary reader. Conrad’s vivid description of African people reveals something about Marlow, and maybe Conrad himself. My main question is this: what does Conrad’s treatment …

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Heart of Darkness Blog Question

As we can see, imperialism has caused chaos and insanity throughout the book. In our discussion on Wednesday, we briefly talked about Fresleven and how he was “the gentlest, quietest creature that ever walked on two legs” then he went into a rage and was eventually killed (p. 8). Although he is a minor character …

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Comparing Word Count Through Mediums & Characters

When first deciding on what I wanted to show in a graph, I thought about points and areas of emphasis I wanted to really hone in on. Things such as who is writing and to what audience as well as when. The word count was also another area that I really though needed to but …

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Mapping the Unmappable

We have spent the first part of our course examining our literary texts as both about information (i.e. thematically concerned with information collection, analysis, distribution, storage, etc) and as information systems in themselves. Choosing from “A Case of Identity,” “The Man of the Crowd,” “The Library of Babel,” or “On Exactitude in Science” (one text only), …

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