Dracula: Group 3: The Known

What is the role of technology in the most recent sections of the novel, particularly in its relationship to information and knowledge? What can be said about the building of information systems or networks in the fight against vampirism?
Examples you might examine (you may choose others, of course): 
—recording and ordering accounts.
—phonograph, typewriter, telegraph.
—the sharing of information.

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  1. One of the key pieces of technology is the typewriter due to its significance in the story. It is one of the main ways of communication across vast regions. It is also a way for one to self -document one on their encounters and discoveries. It played such a key role in the story, that most of the story is composed of letters and journals that were composed on a typewriter.

  2. The building of information systems and networks is the main reason that the vampire hunters win in Dracula by, Bram stoker. It was the key to helping them figure out what was happening, why, and how to stop it. Jonathan and the captain on the ship and everyone who writes about their encounters with the vampires helps to put the information together in a form that can be seen by others who were not there at the time. The sharing of information helps the hunters put the pieces together to understand Dracula and his plan. For example, when Jonathan shares his diary with Mina, she was able to transcribe what he wrote to understand Dracula and his plans. Then Mina shares this information with Van Helsing which lets him know that the Count has made his way to England. When Mina transcribes all the letters and journals of people on the typewriter, she is putting all the information they know together creating connections and put events in order to fully understand all the information that is presented to them. Without the sharing of information, it would have been impossible to figure out who Dracula is, what he is doing, and how to kill him.

  3. The recording of accounts of Dracula was extremely important for the vampire hunters as it gave them a map of experiences to reference. This map of experiences allowed the hunters to visualize what was known and what was not known about Dracula. With this, the hunters were able to figure out where Dracula may have been as well as what powers he was able to hold over people such as Lucy and Renfield. The group also knew what tools they could use to protect themselves as well as what tools they could use to destroy vampires like Dracula and Lucy. The recording and ordering of accounts also allowed for an information system to be built, which allowed for anyone who wished to know what had happened when it had happened, so they could figure out what worked against Dracula as well as what made Dracula stronger. Technologies such as shorthand, the typewriter, as well as the phonograph also assisted with this.

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