Group 1: We Podcast Questions

[Posted by Jared]

What is more important, safety, or expression? The citizens of the One State are all technically safe, not having to worry about things like violence and crime (at least not from the One State), and even live in relative comfort. Obviously this comes at a cost, people losing their individuality. If it meant no more crime or war, is losing what makes us ourselves worth it? How about this — which do you personally value more in life, individual freedom or public safety? 

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  1. Personally, I value individual freedom more than public safety. I see taking away personal freedom will cause more crime and violence than before. In the book WE, it does not cause more crime immediately as their world has not had a war in hundreds of years. But a revolution is on its way, which may result in more violent times than if they did not take away individuality in the first place. This revolution against their lack of freedom was inevitable as people are not made to all be the same. There will always be one person who does not agree with the social norm and will go against it.

    Losing what makes us ourselves will never be worth trading for anything. If doing so solved leading problems, it would cause more issues socially than it fixed. Public safety is a significant problem, but to a point, we have to understand crime is unavoidable. Crime will always be apart of every society as it is based on different morals and ethics. Even if everyone had the same morals and ethics set to them and crime was almost non-existent, any small variance to the social norm would then be considered an offense. Something as simple as not wearing the correct color would become a crime. It is not possible to regulate humans to be perfect beings like OneState has tried and failed to do.

  2. I definitely value individuality more than public safety. Both are important of course, but if I had to pick one, individuality holds more weight. If we do not have the freedom to embrace what makes each of us unique, then there is not much to protect. Freedom to express ourselves is part of what makes this world so interesting and diverse, it is part of what makes people feel complete happiness. So I think to take that ability away would create a very dull world, one that feels artificial and boring. Living in such an altered, strict world sounds more miserable than public safety not always being 100% perfect. Especially because living in this freedom does not always affect everyone’s safety, it something that affects a fairly small percentage of people, or at least for a small amount of time. Why make a permanent change for a problem that can be situational? I just think there are many other options and laws to put into place that could benefit public safety without entirely stripping individuality.

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