Group 3, We Podcast Questions

[Posted by Thomas]

D-503 talks often about what life was like before the “Benefactor” came into power, and how he cannot believe that people used to be able to walk around at night and not follow a strict daily schedule. He talks about our time as a time of savagery and chaos. Can we relate D-503’s view of our time to how we view how humans lived 700 years ago from today? If so, how is D-503’s view of chaos similar to ours? If not, how is our view of chaos and antiquity different from his?

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  1. People 700 years ago did not have the type of security as we have. In today’s world, we are under watch by cameras and lawful authorities. 700 years ago, one was allowed to commit various crimes with a better chance of getting away. Nowadays, if one were to commit a crime, there is a high percent chance that someone has seen it. Or perhaps, a security camera hidden somewhere could have caught the crime. So one can relate to D-503 when he explained we lived in savagery, due to how much more freedom we have compared to him.

  2. Yes, we can relate to this feeling of chaos and savagery from the past. Everyone wants to believe that each generation gets more advanced than the last and evolution supports this thinking that we moved from primitive beings to smarter and more civilized beings. When I think back to long ago I cannot believe that people walked everywhere and had to hunt and gather all the food they needed. Now, I can get in my car and travel such a short distance to a grocery store. My view of savagery and chaos does differ from D-503’s view though because he sees choices, free will, and variability as savage where I enjoy and feel comfort in knowing I have some control over my life.

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