Group 4: We Podcast Questions

Read both prompts below and respond to two or three of the questions posed (you may pick from either or both)

1. [Posted by Alexandra]

How does reason and fact run the society inĀ We? Does reason have positive or negative facts on the citizens of One State? Do you think this logical and formulaic system of life strips the people of their humanity, making them robotic and machine-like, or does it perfect their human existence?
2. [Posted by Matt]
What roles do emotion and to an extent irrationality play in the strict society of We built on rationality? How does the “imaginary” – anything not following the harsh conformity set by OneState – influence or change certain characters’ perspectives of what is right and wrong? Does the regulation of emotion have enough positive consequences to outweigh the loss of humanity, or does humanity need imperfection and for what reasons is it necessary?

2 Replies to “Group 4: We Podcast Questions”

  1. In regards to the first set of questions, society is run within the boundaries of reason and fact. With reason, the One State wants to keep its citizens in line in abiding by the law and operating with a moral compass. This directly relates to fact because it is reason that propels the wide beliefs of society that is known as fact as there is no real liberty to freely express one’s thoughts or opinions.

    In response to the second set of questions in discussing the regulation and control of individual emotions, in turn keeping societal mores under control. I believe that because it is a dystopian model of a city, it makes perfect sense in its functionality but this is not a natural way of being a human being. Despite its positive facets, the loss of human nature in its purest sense outweighs that.

  2. The society in We is strict and everything has reason and regulations. This can be positive because the people will stay in line and everything seems to be running smoothly and logically. But it is also negative because it has turned the people in the society basically into robots with no free will. So even though there seems to be order in this society it has stripped the people of their humanity which I don’t think is right. The only ‘freedom’ the people have is an hour to themselves but even that is regulated the people have no freedom and this society and its conformity has turned these people into emotionless robots rather than human beings. So even though there is order in this society it is not right because it has restricted the people making them machines rather than humans.

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