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Hello, everyone! Our course blog is live now. We’ll be using this space to gather our thoughts, create connections between our readings and the world around us, and post student-curated content. Please feel free to use this space to post any links to course-relevant online materials that you’d like, even when you do not have a specific blog assignment.

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  1. How much information is actually present in our world?

    It is astonishing to think that the invention of a tiny electronic semiconductor helped scientist and physicist partly understand the language of information and electricity. Although, with the inventions of computers and more advanced technology today, scientists have still not determined how much information is really present in our world. Will they ever, if our world is seen as a computer with an extraordinary amount of information being produced daily? Furthermore, I thought is was interesting how the quote above by James Gleick, mentioned Richard Dawkins who said “what lies at the heart of every living thing is not….’ a spark of life,’ ” “it is information.” When humans think of the biological makeup of the body, we think of organs, oxygen, or life, but I do not believe we think of information. I believe information may be discussed when we are talking about the brain or DNA. Finally, discussed in Gleick’s prologue by Werner Lowenstein, “the information circle becomes the unit of life.” Is this true?

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