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Upon learning about One State and its rise, could you see our civilization eventually falling into a similar or even the same type of extreme totalitarianism. With the huge boom in technology over the recent years and the continued strides in advancements that show no sign of slowing, does this push us closer to living life like they do in the book. What is stopping us from reaching that state and is it a factor that is strong enough to remain permanent through many centuries to come?

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  1. I most definitely think it is not insane to believe that a world such as One State can exist and honestly will. I believe that with certain governments around the world currently they would take on specific aspects of totalitarianism and surveillance. I think that here in the USA it is much less possible because of the education level and design of our nation. I think what is stopping us is the focus on the individual and individual success. We are a future based so much on free thought and free growth that many of One Nation aspects would not even be able to gain traction. Rebellion would occur and uprising would stop totalitarianism in its tracks. Even with so many technological advances people and their decisions make up so much of American culture. When I think about it becoming a possibility in other countries I look no farther than places such as North Korea, with their dictatorship. Possibly even larger countries such as China.

  2. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that currently in 2018, we are making strides towards the type of totalitarian state OneState offers in “We.” However, in America, I have to agree with Tyler. America focuses so much on the individual, that I feel that both major political parties would oppose this idea. However, some of the concepts we’ve discussed in class can most definitely happen and are already happening. The political climate already gears the conversation in this direction. Again, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that with our current thoughts and laws revolving immigration, that the type of surveillance technology we’ve seen can be used to harm others. Not to make things too politically charged (even though everything really is political), but look at what our President called Mexican immigrants crossing the border during his campaign in 2016. Americans begin to think that everyone from Mexico is these rapists and drug dealers – so why not racialize the technology to focus on “typical features” of different races. If Amazon has this technology, then can we stop Amazon from spreading it? What happens when companies attempt to capitalize on our weaknesses?

  3. I can see how it might seem like we are moving towards a OneState-like society, but I don’t think we will ever get to that point. I believe there are way too many people who disagree with that type of society and I think there would be a huge pushback. (Perhaps like the 200 years war.) I think society is trying to become more efficient, but I am unsure if we will ever become that structured. I think if we ever became like that, there would be massive rebellion and people would reject that way of life. Humans are self-interested and we love to be ourselves. We want to be individual, unique, and spontaneous. I think we are too smart not to go against the norm if we became like OneState and it would be very hard to execute that ideology of unfreedom. We already see people who are against total surveillance and if there is disagreement now, I cannot imagine later on.

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