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At the beginning of the novel, D-503 lives his life according to the Table and the rules of One State, he is efficient and feels he has a purpose. As soon as he comes into contact with I-330 his efficiency begins to break down.  D-503 says, “The woman had a disagreeable effect upon me, like an irrational component of an equation which you cannot eliminate.”  D-503 begins to change how does this change compare and contrast with Marlow or any of the different characters we have discussed in class?  What does I-330 symbolize in this text? What impact does I-330 have on D-503?

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  1. I-330 acts as the variable, the unknown, in D-503’s life. D-503’s constant recognition of her furrowed eyebrows acting as an “x” conveys this. However, as I was reading, I felt like I-330 served as the more contemporary trope of the “manic pixie dream girl.” While I-330 isn’t really physically the “pixie girl”, she does enter D-503’s life as a catalyst for his own personal change. What role does I-330 serve besides opening D-503’s eyes, and as an “output” for his desires?
    Something I’ve also wondered about I-330’s character is if she actually “loves” D-503, or if she’s merely using him as a pawn in her rebellion. At times she does seem to desire D-503, but is she manipulating D-503’s desire in order to gain access to the INTEGRAL? Even if I-330 does “love” D-503 – does it matter in the end?

  2. I believe I-330 represents in this text something like a computer virus. I enjoy drawing parallels between the characters in the novel and technology because technology is constantly being challenged and pressured to be more efficient than the last. D-503’s “software” if you will, seemed to be pretty sturdy from the start, but I believe actually was slightly flawed from the start. Ruling people through fear is not nearly as efficient as ruling through motivation, and D-503 is “afraid to move [his] elbow for fear of shattering the walls, the cupolas, the machines…”(pg 7). This quote was stated before D-503 had his first contact with I-330. I-330 is like a virus, but instead of hurting his software, she is able to deteriorate the fears and show to him a glimpse of freedom he thought was removed from society in order to achieve maximum productivity.

  3. I think Marlow and D-503 are very similar by doing that “remote kinship” thing where they give in for a moment and see things as they are but then pull away just before it gets too real. An example of this in We is when he calls his soul a kind of illness or when he thinks that colorful dreams are a part of his sickness. I-330 symbolizes freedom, emotion, creativity, and reality. She is very human and not like the other numbers. She wanted to open horizons, break the rules, and she knew how intriguing it is to misbehave and go against the status quo. She loved how she could get under D-503’s skin and really expose him to a different world that opened up his mind to new ideas. You can see how she influences him by his records changing in voice, they are more detailed, less organized, and he shows more emotion. Instead of being a part of a larger equation, he truly begins to find himself.

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